E-Tank Announces TWO Innovative New Products

18,400-Gallon Certified Clean Double-Wall Mobile Storage Tank

E-Tank now offers the only Certified Clean Double-Wall Mobile Storage Tank available in the rental industry. The tank features a full 22″ side-entry ground level manway for access to the interior, enabling the tank to be properly cleaned between projects. For storage of environmentally sensitive liquids or compliance with special operational requirements, Double-Walls by E-Tank should be your only choice. Other features include:

  • 18,400-gallon capacity (the largest Double-Wall Mobile Storage Tank available)
  • OSHA-compliant front stairway and self-locking fold-up safety rails for maximum safety
  • V-Shaped bottom for complete drainage
  • 2- 36″ top manways with fall protection grids which can be removed for easier equipment access
  • Epoxy-lined for wide chemical resistance
  • Monitoring ports on the interstitial cavity


6,300-Gallon Certified Clean Crosslinked Polyethylene Roll-off Tank

6,300-Gallon Certified Clean Crosslinked Polyethylene Roll-off Tank

E-Tank proudly introduces an innovative solution for the safe storage of acids and caustics. Our 1″ thick Crosslinked Polyethylene (XLPE) tanks coated with OR-1000™ are enclosed in a protective roll-off structure. The robust construction of the tank system easily handles the weight of heavy chemicals. This tank is ideal for sodium hypochlorite, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and many other acids and caustics. These tanks are included in our Certified Clean protocol, providing our customer with the highest level of quality assurance. Features include:

  • Protective steel enclosure prevents accidental puncture at busy worksites
  • OSHA-compliant stairway and top platform with locking fold-up guardrails for safe access
  • 2- 24″ top access panels with bolt-on lids
  • Mounting saddles for tripod use during confined space entry
  • 2- 4″ butterfly valves
  • Compact size enables two tanks to be transported on a double-box roll-off trailer.