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E-Tank · Cincinnati

E-Tank/E-Pump has expanded into the Cincinnati area. We are a full-service environmental equipment rental business located in Monroe, OH. E-Tank/E-Pump offers a complete line of specialty equipment including “Certified Clean” frac tanks, a full range of pump and filtration options, vacuum-, dewatering- and sludge boxes. Our company sets a new standard for customer service and […]

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Roll-Off Boxes, Vacuum, Sludge & Dewatering Safety Tips

Avoiding accidents and injury when working with roll-off boxes requires training; all personnel should be aware of potential safety issues. Here is a list to consider when conducting safety training. When loading a box onto a roll-off trailer, the operator must pay close attention to assure the container is aligned with the rails. Drivers must […]

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E-Tank Announces TWO Innovative New Products

18,400-Gallon Certified Clean Double-Wall Mobile Storage Tank E-Tank now offers the only Certified Clean Double-Wall Mobile Storage Tank available in the rental industry. The tank features a full 22″ side-entry ground level manway for access to the interior, enabling the tank to be properly cleaned between projects. For storage of environmentally sensitive liquids or compliance […]

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Operate Your Tank Like a Pro (vol. 1)

When examining the dynamics of a job in which a frac tank or multiple frac tanks are used, several key factors should be considered to ensure safe and efficient operation of these tanks. Here are a few operational tips to consider: Over-pressurizing when filling Frac tanks may be equipped with a pressure relief valve, but […]

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When Is It SAFE to Use Contaminated Frac Tanks?

E-Tank® is the only company in the rental industry offering Certified Clean tanks at rental rates competitive with contaminated tanks. At E-Tank, our tanks have been used to contain a wide range of fluids including PCB’s, petroleum products, chlorinated solvents, runoff from chemical and tire fires, landfill leachate, glycol, fluids containing heavy metals and even raw sewage. The […]

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